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Pet Dental Care

Good dental care plays a crucial role in the quality of your pet’s life.

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems in adult cats and dogs.

More than just bad breath, dental disease can cause pain, tooth/bone loss, and infection and may affect internal organ function. The bacteria that reside in the mouth are a readily available infection source for the rest of the body. Liver, kidney, and heart function can suffer from untreated oral disease. Dental disease is present in at least 85% of patients over the age of 3 years.

Regular Dental Examinations

As part of regular physical examinations, our veterinarians evaluate the teeth and gums and grade them on a scale of 1-4, with one being the best and four the worst. Dental cleanings are recommended based on these scores. Teeth extractions may be done during the procedure if determined to be necessary by the veterinarian. Dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia to clean and evaluate all of the teeth properly. Our veterinarians perform extractions and document in the pet’s medical chart if extractions are required. Most dental patients can return home the same day.

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